Group Homes

Our Choice Human Services strives to provide a welcoming environment, where our members can achieve a more independent lifestyle while still having a helping hand. Members are encouraged to maintain their cultural diversity and background while making bonds within their chosen community. Our Choice Human Services accommodates our members’ needs by providing support which includes but is not limited to Case Management, Medication Management, Behavior Management, Community Integration of the members’ choosing, Structured activities, Leisure activities, & Transportation.

Day Programs

Our Choice Human Services provides a welcoming environment where individuals in the community will choose to participate in structured classroom settings of their choosing or one on one activities. Our Choice Human Services strives to offer a variety of classes that our members can participate in, which will help in making our members as independent as possible. Our Choice Human Services Day Programs offers Medication Management, Behavior Management, Community Integration, Leisure Activities, & Transportation among many more.

HCBS & Respite Care

Our Choice Human Services offers HCBS services for members that live at home with their families. We cooperate closely with the members and their families in order to offer the necessary skills for daily living. We strive to promote the personal, physical, and social welfare of our members. With Respite Care we at OCHS offer families the help they need when they need it.

Adult development home

Our Choice Human Services Developmental Homes allows for a unique opportunity for members and families in the community to come together. Our members will have the opportunity to live with private families willing to offer natural family supports.


IDLA Services are intended for members that have the desire to live independently in their own homes. OCHS provides that independent environment with necessary supervision that enhances our member’s full potential in their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Our Philosophy

Every person should be treated with dignity and respect.  Among the major values of most, services, is one which says that every person especially individuals with developmental disabilities, will be able to relate to their families, friends and communities according to their choice. Our Choice Human Services believes that individuals with developmental disabilities should be as independent as possible and be in a position to determine the development of their own lives. We strive to make the members we serve feel welcomed whether it’s at our group homes, day programs, with our highly trained direct care staff, and in their own homes with our in-home support service always with trust and respect. OCHS believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to dream and achieve. We are sincerely committed to creating pathways to success for everyone, including the most vulnerable. People with developmental disabilities must be provided the opportunity to make choices in life that do not challenge their health and safety, and such choices must always be valued and respected. 

Next Steps...

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